Schmidt Program October, 2018

Program. I thought I would expand the passenger train theme, moving away from Chicago. I will do Part 1 of "Passenger Trains of the Midwest", generally covering trains North and East of St. Louis. I say "generally" because photos of runs that overlap geographically are difficult to organize in any coherent way. That said, this will mostly be trains in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.
MW 146 - A real junction event - MILW at New Lisbon, WI,7/13/69. Left-to-right: #58 (Minneapolis-Chicago day local), #2 ("Afternoon Hiawatha"), #202 (Wausau-New Lisbon, former "North Woods Hiawatha")

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MW-099 - NYC "Ohio Xplorer" departing Cincinnati for Cleveland on 11/3/56. Equipment is experimental "Train X", built by Pullman and powered by a Baldwin diesel-hydraulic (RP-210) loco (one of three - the other two were built for the New Haven), utilizing German technology.

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