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Jerry Pyfer

Two nice get-togethers and a Board Meeting

Mike Schafer hosted our picnic out at his spread known as “Zephyr Acres” at the end of July. We had a nice time visiting, watching BNSF trains roll by and sharing a few slides, when it turned dark and the mosquitoes took over. Thanks Mike.

Last month we had our annual August meeting at the Oregon, Illinois depot. The Ogles County Historical Society has been certainly done a fine job of restoration.

This was the first time we had a sprinkle of rain, but not enough to dampen our spirits. Once again, socializing was center stage as BNSF trains entertained us once again. This year’s biggest change, the lights worked in the bathroom. No more fumbling in the dark.

Of course the platform shelter constructed in the parking lot immediately west of the depot is now a nice spot to watch trains from one of two benches. And the shelter design made the structure fit in nicely with the depot.
We held a Board of Directors’ meeting prior to the Chapter meeting. With five Board members present, we had quorum and conducted some business.

We went over the slated programs for 2017-2018.
We discussed the policy book and how we will address the issues. Each Board member left with some homework before the next meeting in September.

We moved to donate $100 to the depot organization. Although the depot folks have made no request for such a fee for using the depot, we felt it proper in that this would have been the hall rental at the church.

We discussed the Rockford Fire Department’s offers to the Chapter. As you read in the story about moving the passenger car to the fire department’s training grounds, Deputy Chief Matthew Knott made several offers to me concerning their passenger car.

Copier replacement was brought up next. I had to contact the repair guy to address copy quality. He replaced new parts where he could. One major part that will need replacing will be the drum. The drum places the image onto the paper. These are no longer available new for our model. The Board voted to authorize a new copier based on the approximate price quotes given. Before a copier is purchased, I will provide more exact quotes to the Board.
This is an off-election year and John Fredrickson gets year off lobbying for candidates as well.

We are also looking into commemorative lapel pins for the Chapter’s upcoming 50th anniversary for NRHS-NWI Chapter members. Our next Board of Directors’ meeting is September 23rd, prior to the regular Chapter meeting.

Chapter Lap-top?

Back when the Chapter purchased a digital projector, the topic of an accompanying lap-top was discussed. The Board members agreed that several members are willing to bring one of their lap-top computers to run digital programs and slide shows.

I would make a call for lap tops prior to the meetings and all was fine as several members answered the call and brought their computer.

However, I failed to remember to call for lap-tops for the Oregon meeting. Realizing the error as we set up equipment for the show, nobody had a lap-top. And why would they?

Fortunately, Gilbert Sebenste asked the depot caretaker if we could borrow their computer for the evening. Yes and all was right with the world.

I have been invited to present a program in Indiana this month. Because I had to blend slides, print photos and maps, I had to (hold onto yourselves) digitize the show. GASP!!! All I will have to bring to Indiana is a thumb-drive, that’s different and handy. Am I ready to digitize everything now?

NO. Film is still in the camera.

But, the computer dilemma at Oregon and the realization of my simple requirement to put on a show in Indiana, as they provide all the equipment, made me believe we should acquire a lap-top in the near future.

I will bring the topic up at the September Board of Directors’ meeting.

Thank you for the Donation

NWL subscriber and author Paul Behrens has donated a large 24”x32” poster print artwork drawing of the Chicago & Northwestern Alden, Illinois depot. Alden set between Harvard and Hebron, Illinois on the long abandoned KD line.

Mr. Behrens drew up the complete set of scale drawings of all walls (interior and exterior), floor plans and roof, with generous detail narrative throughout the poster.
If Paul’s name sounds familiar, he wrote the definitive “The KD Line” book.

October 28, 2017: NWI Chapter Meeting program by Robert Schmidt.

November 25, 2017: NWI Chapter Meeting program by Erik Rasmussen.

December 2017: No Chapter meeting

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