October 2018 from
Jerry Pyfer

NWI Chapter Business

The NWI Chapter October meeting will present the nominations for NWI Chapter officers as sought by the nominating committee of John Fredrickson, Norm Hoisington and Gilbert Sebenste.

If you were not contacted and wish to be nominated, you may do so at the meeting. Please do not nominate folks that do not wish to be or have not been asked.

There will be a Board of Directors’ meeting prior to the Chapter meeting at 6pm in the church auditorium. Among the topics will be preparations for our 50th anniversary. You don’t need to be a Board member to participate in this discussion.

We have monthly programs lined up for this and next year in the books.

NWI Chapter Roster 2019

The new Chapter roster for 2019 will be included in the November NWL, that’s next month already! If you would like any changes made to your entry, please let me know no later than November 1st. You can call: 815-654-2087 or email: jrrchase@comcast.net.

This information only goes to fellow Chapter members and subscribers.

NWI Chapter Dues

NWI Chapter dues renewal form will also be included in the November NWL. Your NWI portion will remain at $20 for 2019. The NWI Chapter will only accept our portion, the NRHS portion must be sent to the National.

I have not yet seen any renewal form or information from the National Railway Historical Society.

Rockford Passenger Train Service on the Ballot

Winnebago and Boone County residents will have an advisory referendum on the November 2019 ballot poling constituents on the desire for passenger train service to these counties.

We heard from guest speakers at the September NWI meeting about this initiative. Candidate for State of Illinois 69th Congressional District Angie Bodine (D) and Winnebago County Board Member Burt Gerl presented their thoughts on the subject. They both support the passenger service which was abruptly halted by then new Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) in 2014.

I have mixed feelings about restoring passenger train service to Rockford. Just because I have an interest in railroads, doesn’t transpire into automatic passenger train support.

Interstate 90 drive anytime you wish is too handy to make the train with fixed schedules a viable alternative.

Lloyd Rinehart and I gave slide presentations to the 20th Century Railroad Club in Chicago Union Station (CUS) earlier this month. George Strombeck rode along with us.

We considered taking Metra from Elgin in. This would require us to drive into Elgin. However, Van Galder Bus got our business. We boarded at Rockford and got off right at the CUS Canal Street door. When the show was done, we got on the bus at the front door and arrived back in Rockford non-stop. With this service already available, why should we spend millions of dollars on train service?

I know there are differing points of view. So, if you are yelling at me as you read this article, please respond. We will gladly run your well thought out rebuttal.

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632