September 2019 from
Jerry Pyfer

Oregon Depot Meet

As has become tradition, the Chapter held our August meeting at the Oregon, Illinois depot. We had the depot reserved from the afternoon until 10pm.

This was a great meeting as the weather was excellent, we had quite a few members, as well as guests join us for a variety of slide subjects. A couple of us enjoyed a pizza as others grilled out.

We had three new fellows join on as subscribers to the NWL. Welcome aboard Ray, R.G. and Andrew.

I liked the shelter to the west of the depot providing a nice shaded place to sit down and relax to just watch trains rolling by. A new item was the black iron fencing running the length of the depot and shelter separating the BNSF from visitors. This fence is like the one at Mendota, still nicely done.

NWI Chapter
Golden Anniversary Celebrations

Motor Car Rides on the KD

The afternoon of September 28th, will see the Riverview Rail Run - motor car rides over the KD beginning at the trolley depot on North Madison Street noon to 4pm. The following afternoon Sunday the 29th is a rain date.
Currently, up to five motor cars are scheduled.

This is open to NWI members and subscribers, donations would be greatly appreciated to help fund the costs involved. This is independent of Chapter sponsored events that day.

The moonlight ride on Trolley Car 36 for NWI members and subscribers will take place from the depot Saturday evening as well.

NWI Chapter
Golden Anniversary Souvenirs

The NWI Chapter has a limited supply of “Railph” lapel pins for $5.00 each available now. They will be on sale at Chapter meetings and events. If it is difficult to attend a Chapter meeting, you can order them via the Chapter P.O. Box for $5.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. Make your check out to the NWI Chapter.

We also have NWI-Wear in the form of embroidered short and long sleeve t-shirts, sweat shirts and baseball caps, both fitted and adjustable.


is embroidered on the left chest area of the shirts, along with Railph.

We will take orders for these items, with delivery at the subsequent Chapter meeting. Mailed items will have an $8.00 shipping and handling fee.

When we accumulate at least 7 NWI-Wear item orders, we will place the order at the shop for a better price discount.

NWI WEAR 50th Anniversary Pricing, please add 8.25% sales tax

For Short Sleeve T-shirts:
$13.00 (Small-XL) / 2XL-$15.00 / 3XL-$16.00 / 4XL - $17.00

For the Long Sleeve shirts:
Long Sleeve Shirts $16.00 (Small-XL) / 2XL-$18.00 / 3XL-$19.00 / 4XL-$20.00

Sweat Shirts:
$18.00 (Small-XL) / 2XL - $20.00 / 3XL - $21.00 / 4XL - $22.00

Fitted Baseball Hats - $18 with embroidery
Adjustable Baseball Hats - $15 with embroidery

Those who have ordered NWI-Wear already, your order will be at the September meeting. Thank you.

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632