December 2019 from
Jerry Pyfer

A Great Time Had by All

As I am writing up this report, I have the Virtual Railfan site displayed for Santa Fe Junction in Kansas City, so I can railfan and write at the same time. Currently a UP train going by is lead by three EMD SDs. All I can say for now, EMD rules.

Nearly 50 Chapter members, subscribers and friends joined us for the 50th Anniversary Chapter Meeting Saturday, November 30th.

As advertised, we began at 3pm with several folks manning their sales tables and the fellowship commenced. This was going on as we set up equipment for the programs.

The pizzas were ordered from Giordano’s just down the street from the church. Upon their arrival, the church got really quiet when the pizza boxes opened. I started the “NWI Rogue’s Gallery and Activities” with the lights on so folks could see they weren’t eating their napkins. They were very good pizzas.

At 6pm, we did another run-by of the gallery with lights off to take in all the details for the images with comments encouraged.

A quick break and the meeting began at 7pm. I presented a short review of the Chapter status and what we have been doing and how we are doing. All of our officers were introduced. I failed to introduce our North Western Limited editor Erik Rasmussen who was in attendance. Sorry about that Erik. We stand at 33 NRHS members via our chapter or another, with 70 subscribers to the newsletter.

“A Tribute to Jim Boyd” by Mike Schafer and Craig Willett was presented.

Next on the line up, I introduced National Railway Historical Society President Al Weber to come forward and say a few words.

I then asked those present that founded the chapter to please stand up, there were more than half a dozen in attendance.

We then called Lloyd Rinehart and Craig Willett to come forward at accept their 50 year NRHS membership pins.
Next came the cutting of the marble anniversary cake and its consumption. Mr. B, great cake.

Mike Schafer described how the chapter got into multi-media productions and the program, “A Silver Memory”, in particular. We then sat back to once again take in show. Unfortunately, I had troubled setting the second tray in the change out and we had to stop to re-align the slides in proper sequence. No matter how you practice it at home and get it right, this happens. Sorry gang.

We ended the night with help in packing away everything as some folks resumed the fellowship. It was a nice evening.

I thank Jon and Marilyn Schwartz, Andrew Townsend, Gilbert Sebenste, Norm Hoisington, Jerry Van Alstyne, Ray Mincemoyer, Ron Lundstrom, Randy Garnhart, Dave Einke, Mark Hoffman, Lance Wales, Eilene Weber, Bob Hillman, Mark Broman for lending a hand in one form or another to make this a great meeting. Thanks to Robert Schmidt, Ron Lundstrom, George Strombeck, Joe Whinnery, Erik Rasmussen, Todd Aspling, Gilbert Sebenste, Dave Ingles, Lance Wales and Lloyd Rinehart for their contributions to the Rogue’s Gallery. And if I missed your name, please forgive me.

NWI Railph
Golden Anniversary Pins

The NWI Chapter has a limited supply of
“Railph” lapel pins for $5.00 each available now. They will be on sale at Chapter meetings and events. If it is difficult to attend a Chapter meeting, you can order them via the Chapter P.O. Box for $5.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. Make your check out to the NWI Chapter.

NWI Dues are due

Annual NWI-NRHS membership dues renewal is underway. NWI membership is $20.00. NRHS dues remain at $50.00 for 2020. A subscription to the NWL newsletter is $20.

You may pay your NWI dues/subscription via any one of several options:

Your may send them direct to our Treasurer Lloyd Rinehart - 522 Bradshaw Street, Dixon, IL 61021, this eliminates the middleman.

Or send them to our Post Office box: NWI Chapter, PO Box 5632, Rockford, IL. 61125.

Or bring them to a Chapter meeting.

We are only collecting the NWI portion of your dues, any dues owed to the NRHS must be paid direct to them. The National dues remain at $50.00.

Your NWI dues and subscriptions will be processed monthly and as such your address label may not be updated right away. It will be updated as soon as possible. If you think an error has been made please contact Lloyd or Jerry Pyfer.

The Christmas Load

One early November trip, I was the conductor on #251 out of Milwaukee headed for Savanna. We get a wheel report from the yard office listing our train consist with car initials, numbers, origin and destination.

We had a trailer on flat car in this consist with two semi-trailers loaded and bound for Texas routed via Milwaukee, Savanna and Kansas City, a natural R&SW routing.
This TOFC was carrying a rather unusual load, hundreds of Christmas trees.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the crew of the NWI Chapter.

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632