Septemer 2020 from
Jerry Pyfer

Meeting Protocol

With St. Mark’s church approval, the NWI membership will follow these guidelines at the September meeting:

1. We will have a maximum of 50 attendees. After 50, the door will be locked.

2. Everyone must allow their temperature to be read. Any temperature above the limit will not be allowed in the building.

3. Everyone will properly wear a face mask, covering the mouth and nose. If you cannot or will not wear a mask, you cannot attend the meeting.

4. We will social distance in the building. Chairs with paper on them may not be used.

5. We will all sign waivers along with our telephone numbers at the request of the church. In the event someone should test positive afterward, all in attendance can be contacted.

NWI Officer Elections

In accordance with NWI by-laws, 2020 will see Chapter officer nominations and elections. We will have to set up a nominating committee of up to three Chapter members. Please consider this as we approach the September meeting and contact one of the Board members of your intent.

Of course the unknown affect of the virus will dictate just how we can go about the trask.

The nominations will take place at the October meeting, with the election tabulation at the November meeting.

If you remember, the late John Fredrickson was always ready to head this committee, one of us must now step up to lead.

2020 - What can happen next?

The year of 2020 has brought so much chaos, don’t you wish you could reboot the whole thing and start over.

We face a pandemic, record unemployment, dual tropical storms pounding the country at the same time, murder hornets attacking the innocent honey bees, dogs and cats living together and now - sit down, Jerry Pyfer bought a digital camera!

I held out as long as I could, comfortable recording railroad history on film. I knew how it would work in different lighting conditions.

A firm devotee to film, I ordered my latest lot of five rolls of 36 exposure Fujichrome Provia 100 slide film from B&H of New York. The total caught my attention, $90.00. The slide film rose to over $17.00 per roll. Then you figure around $9.00 for processing and the postage to boot, you are at $36.00 for a roll of slides, a dollar a slide. Holy cow!

So for giggles, I looked at B&H camera of New York from which the film was always ordered, I peeked at the Nikon digital cameras. They had the D5600 for $539.00. Thinking, six more orders of film will equal the price of the 5600, don’t forget the processing. The 5600 with a 128MG card can hold 2,300 slides.

My first exploratory expedition with the 5600 was to Illinois Railway Museum for my birthday. My first shot was of Milwaukee Road, F-7A #118C. It was inside a closed shed. A volunteer graciously opened the front door. My “last” slide was of this unit, just as it was with the last Kodachrome slide. The 5600 gave me a shot that film would never handle.

One thing I found myself doing, reaching my right thumb to the advance lever trying to advance the film to the next frame.

With 5600 video recording ability, I recorded the Shay #5, a visual and sound motion you can’t duplicate on still slides.

I will miss saying to the youngsters around a photo shot; this is what you call, changing the film. I will keep the film around until I get use to the 5600, but sorry Lloyd, Mark, Mike, Randy economics made me do it.

Next thing you know, Lance will enjoy a Bud Light with his next extra special deluxe burger.

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632