February 2021 from
Jerry Pyfer

NWI slated to resume meetings soon.

NWI meetings have been scheduled with St. Mark church for March 27 and April 24th.

The meetings will require protocols as we did last September. We are limited to 50 attendees. We will have to record your temperature and collect names and contact information at the door. If you have a temperature exceeding 100 degrees, you will not be allowed any further into the church. There will be scattered seating. If you arrived with someone, you may join them, otherwise you should be separated from your neighbors. You must properly wear a face masked. If you cannot wear a face mask properly, you may not enter the meeting.

This is all pending any sudden reversal of Covid issues.

NRHS-NWI site updated

NWI members and subscribers might want to check out the updated NRHS website. Among the information contained in the NRHS site is a listing of all chapters. I looked over our portion to find several outdated entries. Each chapter also has a general historical railroad photograph at the header. Ours was a Jack Delany Kodachrome of a Chicago & North Western wood caboose in the final stages of construction.

Sending the updated chapter information about officers and meeting dates, I sent a replacement photograph, one that was more NWI in nature.

NWI Photographer of the Year may be on for April

We are looking to conduct our annual NWI Dana Dawes Photographer of the Year contest in April.

While the rules will be the same (you can find them on this Chapter website), there will be a change in who will be producing the show. Erik Rasmussen will be producing the show for our Joint NWI-Wisconsin Chapter meeting on May 8th.

You can begin selecting your entries now, then watch for details on the website and in the March NWL as to whom to send your entries.

NWI Dues Renewal Time

The NWI Chapter dues renewals are now due for 2021. The Chapter dues will remain at $20.00. This level makes you a full member entitled to partake in Chapter business, hold office, receive the North Western Limited newsletter and vote on all Chapter matters.

The North Western Limited newsletter subscription remains at $20.00. You may participate in Chapter events, but cannot partake in Chapter business.
The March 2021 NWL issue will be your last if you don't renew by April.

2021 National Railway Historical Society dues must be handled separately with the NRHS.

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632