August 2021 from
Jerry Pyfer

NWI August Program

The NWI Chapter meeting for August 28th will return to the Oregon, Illinois depot. More information will come in the August NWL.

But for now, there will be a combined theme for this gathering. Last year, we would have commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Burlington Northern merger, that didn’t happen. This year is the 50th anniversary of Amtrak.

Thus this year’s theme is your choice of the BN and/or Amtrak. BN material must have been shot after the March 1970 merger date. 24 shots max.

The depot is ours beginning at 3pm. You may gather for fellowship, railfanning and picnicking.

The NWI Chapter meeting begins at 7PM and we will start on time. Following the usual business, it will be your turn to share photos either digitally or with traditional slides. If you being slides, please have then in a Kodak carrousel tray ready for showing. We will have a stack loader but it has given us trouble in the past.

Railfanning is…picnicking track side at the Oregon depot.

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632