November 2021 from
Jerry Pyfer

Great Program, Dismal Attendance

Our October Chapter meeting only saw 12 attendees, which was unfortunate in that we had a great program presented by 50 year NRHS-NWI member Robert Schmidt.

During the business portion of the meeting, I was honored to present Bob with his 50 year NRHS membership pin and certificate.

We saw passenger trains of the east, primarily the northeast. Many shots of passenger trains would make a model railroader proud: Four to six car trains with head end 40’ boxcars and express cars were powered by GP7s, GP9s, F and E units, ALCO RS3, C420, PA units, FM H16-44, C-liners, GG1s, and steam to boot, well you get the picture, or rather you missed the pictures.

The NWI Chapter has been blessed with six 50 year members over the past few years.

NRHS Membership

I would be derelict in my duties as president of an NRHS chapter if I didn’t urge you to consider joining or rejoining the National Railway Historical

Many former members had issues with the National and their way of doing things. I was one of those disgruntled members, but I stayed with them because it wasn’t just “what has the NRHS done for me lately.”

We are part of a national organization that will please all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but never all of the people all of the time. There are just too many differing personalities and interests.

NWI Dues for 2022

The November issue of the North Western Limited will deliver your NWI 2022 dues renewal notice inside the 2021 NWI Roster. The NWI portion of the dues will remain at $20.00. As a full NRHS/NWI member, you get the NWL, attend all activities and take part in any business.

The National Railway Historical Society dues for 2022 remain at $50.00. All NRHS dues business must be handled through the National.

A subscription to the North Western Limited newsletter for 2022 will remain at $20.00. As a subscriber, you receive the NWL and attend activities, but cannot take part in any business actions.

NWL Delivery Survey Says…

I had asked NWL subscribers to inform me of the delivery date of the October NWL. The USPS said a slowdown in mail delivery would take place October 1st.

Of the readers reporting in, all seem to have the same delivery time as before the reported slowdown.

Thank you for letting me know.

Railfanning is…seeing another generation of railfan blossom. My grandkids’ doctor moved their office to Rochelle, thus an unexpected benefit for grandson Dean. When they are done with the doctor appointment and he gets a shot, they reward him with a trip to the train park for good behavior.

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632