May 2022 from
Jerry Pyfer

Zoom Team
The NWI Chapter is moving into the digital era, like it or not. As we take steps toward that end, I am learning things.

One of these things, I need help with technology unfamiliar to me. I understood the Kodak Carousel slide projectors and dissolve units. Now I am learning lap tops, digital projectors and social gatherings. As I slowly unlock the secrets of the digital age, there are still things where more than one person is now needed.

We conducted our first photo contest over the black voodoo magic of the internet. I understood how to get the program out but then more strange things
appeared. The question came up about the online folks voting for their favorite photos along with the in-person gathering. I did not understand how to pull that off, but with your help we can next year.

Back in the day, we set up the equipment and when show time came, I stood before the audience to conduct the meeting. Zooming meetings now requires someone to run that aspect as I host the meeting. If we accept ballots for contests, someone with have to host that aspect, while the contest is being conducted.

Another unanticipated aspect will be if I cannot attend a meeting.

If you are interested in joining the Zoom Team, please let me know. We can discuss via a Zoom meeting just what will be required of the team members.

“Running Extra”
We normally take off the months of May, June, July and December from scheduled chapter meetings.

When railroads run a train that isn’t on a schedule, that train runs as an extra. I am planning to run slide show extras via Zoom during some of our off months.

I will invite or accept slide programs from chapter members and subscribers provided they are in a digital format. These shows should be 15-20 minutes. Three individual programs will air each run with open discussion to follow.

If you are interested in viewing or presenting during these extra shows, you will need to be registered in Zoom. Inform me that you are interested and you will go on the list to receive the Zoom invite and pass codes.

NWI 2022 Membership Report
April saw the NWI Chapter finalize our membership and subscribership. We had two former associates fall from our list. We also gained a few new associates.

2022 membership in the NRHS stands at 32 members. We count 65 subscribers this year. We also mail out four exchange newsletters.

Thank you our returning members and subscribers. It is your support that keeps the NWI Chapter moving down the track in our 53rd year.

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632