July 2022 from
Jerry Pyfer

Running Extra Zoom
The NWI Chapter “Running Extra” Zoom slide show program will take place Monday evening, July 25, 2022. “Doors” will open at 6:45pm with the slide programs beginning shortly after 7pm.

Two programs will be presented, with Tom Burke leading off with “Chicago to Evanston Lines”. Tom will share Milwaukee Road/Soo Line operations on Chicago’s inner city trackage.

Jerry Pyfer will follow with the promised “50 Years or so Along the KD”.

The meeting will probably last at least two hours with an intermission between programs.

If you are already on the Zoom listing, you will receive the pass code to enter the meeting. If you are not on that list, email me to do so at: jrrchase@comcast.net. Please use your actual name in that I can identify who is waiting to enter.

Department of Corrections
Todd Aspling sent along the news included in the June NWL. The CN was replacing rail at the 20th Street crossing on Rockford’s southeast side. I called the new rail, welded rail, wrong! This is continuous rail or ribbon rail as it is in solid quarter mile lengths. Welded rail comes from stick rail welded together to form one long rail. Now the CN might make welds where the ribbon rail joins up, but it is still ribbon rail.

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