October 2019 from
Jerry Pyfer

NWI Chapter
Golden Anniversary Souvenirs

The NWI Chapter has a limited supply of
“Railph” lapel pins for $5.00 each available now. They will be on sale at Chapter meetings and events. If it is difficult to attend a Chapter meeting, you can order them via the Chapter P.O. Box for $5.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. Make your check out to the NWI Chapter.

We also have NWI-Wear in the form of embroidered short and long sleeve t-shirts, sweat shirts and baseball caps, both fitted and adjustable.


is embroidered on the left chest area of the shirts, along with Railph.

We will take orders for these items, with delivery at the subsequent Chapter meeting. Mailed items will have an $8.00 shipping and handling fee.

When we accumulate at least 7 NWI-Wear item orders, we will place the order at the shop for a better price discount.

NWI WEAR 50th Anniversary Pricing, please add 8.25% sales tax

For Short Sleeve T-shirts:
$13.00 (Small-XL) / 2XL-$15.00 / 3XL-$16.00 / 4XL - $17.00

For the Long Sleeve shirts:
Long Sleeve Shirts $16.00 (Small-XL) / 2XL-$18.00 / 3XL-$19.00 / 4XL-$20.00

Sweat Shirts:
$18.00 (Small-XL) / 2XL - $20.00 / 3XL - $21.00 / 4XL - $22.00

Fitted Baseball Hats - $18 with embroidery
Adjustable Baseball Hats - $15 with embroidery

Those who have ordered NWI-Wear already, your order will be at the October meeting. Thank you.

“Am I a member of the Chapter?”

“I paid $20 to the chapter. Am I a member?” Perhaps an explanation of the various types of affiliations that you can have with the NWI Chapter is in order withrenewals looming in the near future.

The member of the NWI Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society generally pays dues of $50 per year to the NRHS in the fall. If this person does not pay anything else, they are a NRHS member at large, they are not affiliated with any individual chapter.

When a person joins the NRHS and pays dues to a local chapter such as the NWI, they are a member of the NRHS and that chapter. In our case, you would pay $50 to the NRHS and $20 to the NWI for our portion. That $20 gives you a newsletter, particicpation in chapter events and voting rights on chapter matters as well as the right to hold office. Your mailing label on the NWL will read NRHS after your name with the year for which you are paid up.

When an NRHS member belongs to another chapter and buys a subscription to this newsletter, we consider them a chapter member by virtue of belonging to the NRHS via that chapter and they enjoy full benefits of our chapter as well. Your mailing label will also read NRHS after your name.

We also offer a subscription to our North Western Limited newsletter for $20 per year, renewable in November. A person that subscribes but does not belong to any NRHS chapter nor the NRHS itself, is not considered a member and does not have voting rights on chapter business, nor can they hold office. The subscriber may attend chapter functions and events. Your mailing label will read SUB after the name.

The number “19” on your label indicates the year you are paid up for.

If you label does not match these descriptions with your actual status, please let me know.

Rockford O Scalers

Rockford O-Scalers will have their fall open house, Saturday, November 2 between Noon and 6pm at 3886 Lookout Drive on Rockford’s southside.

There huge collection of O scale model railroad equipment is second to none. Beautiful scenery features both freight and passenger trains rolling through country sides and urban settings.

I highly recommend a visit.

Heaven will be more lively

Veteran NWI Chapter member and chapter historian John Fredrickson had passed away October 17, 2019. Our condolences to his family. John’s fellowship will be missed as he would chair our displays at shows, sell magazines and other items for the benefit of this chapter year after year. More on John next month.

Rockford UP
Local Change of Operations

The Union Pacific has changed its Rockford operations. Once a Wednesday regular, the job now comes to Rockford and serves the KD branch on Monday and Thursdays around late morning or early afternoon.

NWI Roster Updates

Fall is in the air and we are preparing the next NWI Roster for mailing in the November NWL. If you need anything changed, please let me know now.

NWI Dues are coming due

As October comes around society annual dues are coming due as well. NWI membership is $20.00. Subscriptions to the NWL newsletter is $20. We have not received word as to the NRHS dues for 2020.

NWI Annual Meeting Date
& Time Change

The November NWI Annual Meeting and our 50th Anniversary Celebration will take place Saturday November 30th. This is the fifth Saturday in November. The annual meeting is scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend through our by-laws.

We changed the gathering time, as door open at 3:00pm at St. Mark’s Church for fellowship, a few sales tables, a huge rogue’s gallery, meeting NRHS President Allan Weber and pizza around 5:00pm for those that are present. More details to follow in the November NWL.

I did not include the motor car ride.

Do you want it?

For more information about the Chapter, see Meetings and Join.

Chapter address

North Western Illinois Chapter - NRHS
P.O. Box 5632
Rockford, IL 61125-0632