Photographer of the Year 2013
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Category A -- "Illinois & Adjacent States taken in 2012" (20 entries)

First Place and Photographer
Of The Year

Jason Leverton

UP 844 East
Near Jefferson City, MO, March 27, 2012

Second Place

Erik Rasmussen
IC&E 103 South
at Cordova, IL,
October 23, 2012
Third Place

Jason Leverton
WB Nebraska Zephyr
Mendota, IL,
September 22, 2012

Category B -- "Anytime Anyplace"
(Images recorded over many years and any locations - (24 entries)

First Place

 Jason Leverton
UP busts drifts on
Troy Grove Branch
February 3, 2011
Second Place (Tie)

Erik Rasmussen  
Amtrak Southwest Chief
Wagon Mound, NM
September 4, 2012
Second Place (Tie)

Erik Rasmussen  
Apache C424's at MP 5
Near Holbrook, AZ
September 6, 2012
Second Place (Tie)

Mike Raia  
CNW 1385
at Chicago, IL
Third Place

Robert Jordan

Railroad Car Ferry
at Night


Category C -- "Photos That Were Innovative"
(Photographers encouraged to come up with very creative photos, either by the manner in which the image was recorded or via dark room/computer program manipulation - (18 entires.)

First Place

Lance Wales
Rock River Bridge
Rockford, IL.
Second Place (tie)

 Jason Leverton 
Sunrise at DeKalb, IL
March 2, 2011
Second Place (tie)

Jason Leverton
Westbound UP Freight
at sunrise
at DeKalb, IL
October , 2011
Third Place

Jerry Pyfer
MILW at sunset
at Ladd, IL
July 19, 1978

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