NWI Photographer of the Year
(Page updated 04.27.23)

NWI Chapter - Presents:

The Dana Dawes Photographer of the Year

2023 Contest Rules

1. The contest shall be held during the April 15, 2023 NWI Chapter Meeting.

2. Three Categories shall be offered.

Category A - Photographs recorded during the preceding year (2022), of a local nature: i.e. recorded in Illinois or an immediate surrounding state of Illinois (Indiana-Michigan-Wisconsin-Iowa-Missouri-Kentucky). This category shall determine the Photographer of the Year.

Category B - Anytime - Anywhere. This shall be an honorable mention.

Category C - Be Innovative. Use your imagination. You may do anything you wish with this image. Category C must be submitted ready for entry. This shall be an honorable mention category.

3. Photographers may enter up to three (3) photographs in each category. The photographs must have been recorded by the contestant.

Indicate into which category your entry should be included: A-B-C All contestants must be a current NWI Chapter member or subscriber at the time of the contest.

Photographer need not be present to win.

4. All entries will be projected digitally. All entries must be received by the contest producer, no later than April 15, 2023.

No entries will be accepted in any manner after the cut-off date.

Gilbert Sebenste shall be the producer for the 2023 contest.

5. Slide or print entries will have to be scanned to meet digital requirements of the Producer.

All photos scanned and processed in Photoshop by the Producer will be sized to 3000 wide x 2000 for landscape scenes, or 1500 height x 900 wide for verticals.

If you submit a photo file to us already sized by yourself, make sure it is sized to the dimensions noted.

Using a conventional jpeg file, you can email or submit files via media such as CD/DVD or thumb drive.

Submissions can be sent to: sebenste13@aol.com

All balloting will take place in-person during the meeting.

Lance Wales will be available to scan slides, if needed, during the February and March 2023 meetings.    

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    Note from the Board  
        The Board recognizes the rapid changes all rail photographers are faced with as imaging changes from film to digital based medium, and to that end remind membership that there will be an evolutionary process involved with photo contests in the next few years. Our contest is a continual "work in progress", and each year we are open to adjusting the rules, adding/subtracting categories, etc.

         Who knows what form our contest will take in the future--it's up to YOU! As we have in our long history, the NWI embraces ALL forms of rail image capture--be it film or digital photography, video, or painting--and rest assured we'll continue to support you however you choose to pursue the hobby. Your input is always appreciated on how this contest can be tweaked for the better.

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